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2020-21 CFUMC Upward Basketball/Cheerleading COVID-19 Risk Control Plan

We are all eager to get back to sports, but we want to do so in a way that reduces the risk of COVID-19.  Accomplishing this will be a partnership among the coaches, volunteers, parents, and players. Please recognize that all of these items are tentative and subject to change at any time.  CFUMC may also add any item to help with the safety of our participants and coaches.


Coaches, Players, Cheerleaders and Parents 

  1. Coaches/Players/Cheerleaders and family members with a fever or other signs of illness should stay home from practices and/or games.
  2. Coaches/Players/Cheerleaders should sanitize hands before entering the gym and after leaving the gym.  Parents please have sanitizer in your car and with you at the gym.
  3. Players/Cheerleaders/Coaches should bring their own water bottles with their names clearly labeled on it. Please bring enough drink as there are no available water fountains.
  4. No high fives or hugging; “Air Fives” and “Foot Shakes” are perfect.
  5. All family members are asked to adhere to social distancing while attending any Upward event.  Players/Cheerleaders are asked to do so as they come in and out of the gym.  (We understand that the players/cheerleaders will not be social distancing at practice.) Parents/family members must wear a mask.
  6. PLEASE keep attendees to games/practice to a minimum (people who live in your household) until further notice.
  7. When a player is “sitting out”- players must sit with their own family during a game (this will be discussed with coaches at the coaches meeting.)  All siblings must sit and remain with parents or in charge adult.  PLEASE do not play on the side of the gym with basketballs etc.
  8. We will schedule 7 games this basketball season.  Please know that due to weather – COVID-19, we may not get all 7 games in.
  9. Please know that if you use the church restroom, you are using this restroom at your own risk.  Please wash hands, use personal hand sanitizer after using restroom.
  10. We may perform temperature checks on participants and attendees.
  11. Please enter the gym from the main two doors on the side of the gym; you will be asked to leave the gym thru a different exit door.  Please do not enter the gym for practices or games until you have been told it is safe to enter.  We plan to try to sanitize between practices and games.
  12. We will make every effort to “stagger” practices and games to reduce traffic concentration.
  13. Coaches are asked to make sure players are spread out appropriately for huddles, line-ups, and devotions.

Assumption of Risk

  1. An inherent risk of exposure to diseases (including COVID-19) exists in any public place where people are present even with risk reduction procedures in place.  COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, senior citizens and guests with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable. By participating in our basketball/cheerleading program, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 and will hold the church harmless in the event of contraction of the disease. 


  1. If the Federal, State or Local government or the United Methodist Church decides that we must close, we will do so.


  1. Visit for more information about COVID-19.



Should the UMC, State, Federal or Local government decide we must close, we will do so.  If a participant receives his/her uniform and does not play a game, the refund amount will be ½ of the registration cost.   If the shut down comes after ANY GAME has been played, then there will be no refunds given due to the shutdown.  If it is possible to resume after the shut down, we will do so.  Please understand that this is completely out of our hands.


We appreciate your support for CFUMC Upward Sports and our greatest desire is to make disciples of Jesus Christ and to keep everyone safe during this unprecedented time.


REGISTRATION FOR CFUMC UPWARD BASKETBALL is scheduled to open August 17th.  Please know that this season may be played with modifications to help keep players and their families safe during this time.  Attendance at games/practices will be limited to players families (people they live with) until further notice. If we have to scale back or shut down due to COVID-19, we reserve the right to “re-schedule” the season, cancel the season etc.     Please understand that there is an inherit risk with any gathering.   For this reason, REGISTRATION is limited and once we are at capacity in an age division, we will only have a “wait list.” Thank you for understanding during this difficult time. Please see the links below about registering.  Ages for this sport are K-8th grade (co-ed)- spots are limited. 

Upward is a sport’s ministry which began in 1995 by Caz McCaslin to promote Jesus Christ through sports.  We believe that every child is a winner and should have the opportunity to play and grow in each sport.  Cumming First United Methodist Church started our Upward Basketball with Cheerleading Program in the Winter of 2003.  Since then,  we’ve added both soccer and flag football with cheerleading.  We believe that skills and values for success for life can be taught on the court or field including: sportsmanship, teamwork, integrity, and respect for authority.  We put Christ at the center of our practices and games by having a devotion at each gathering.  We invite parents to get involved with their kids in our programs.  We always need coaches, team moms, and referees.  We will pair coaches together so you are not alone and have a support system in place.  Please feel free to contact Barbara Ledbetter, CFUMC’s Upward Director at or by phone at 770-887-2900 ext. 236.

Registration for Upward Basketball is scheduled to open on 8/17.

REGISTRATION will open for CFUMC Upward Basketball & Cheerleading August 17th

More about our programs

Football with Cheerleading

CFUMC Upward Flag Football/Cheerleading is a terrific sport to get your kids back into the swing of things right before school starts back in the fall.  Registration begins in May and will end mid-July.  Practices will begin at the end of July, and the league will end in mid-October.

There will be seven games scheduled and all games and practices are held at the CFUMC fields behind the student center.

If your child has any issues playing on-level sports, you must contact Barbara Ledbetter, CFUMC Upward Sports Director.

Ages for this sport: K-7th Grade

All players will need cleats and mouthguards.

Basketball with Cheerleading

Registrations begin at the first of September and end in mid-October. Practices will begin at the beginning of November and the season will conclude around the first of February with a huge Celebration Sunday experience.

Ages for this sport:  5 (by Sept  1 of the current year)  through 8th grade (co-ed).

Your child will need a comfortable pair of athletic shoes for both basketball and cheerleading.

There will be eight scheduled games and all games and practices are held at the CFUMC gym.  

If your child has any issues playing on-level sports, you must contact Barbara Ledbetter, CFUMC Upward Sports Director.


CFUMC Upward Soccer is a terrific way to get your younger children involved with sports.  Our ages are 3 years old (by Feb 1, of the current year) through 6th grade (co-ed). Registration for soccer begins at the beginning of January and the deadline for registration is mid-February.  We begin practicing at the end of February, and the season will end mid-May.

All games and practices are held on the CFUMC fields.

Your child will need shin guards and cleats for this sport.

If your child has any issues playing on-level sports, you must contact Barbara Ledbetter, CFUMC Upward Sports Director.


CFUMC UPWARD SPORTS NOW HAS ONLINE REGISTRATION!  Please be mindful that online registration will end prior to evaluations.  

Registration for CFUMC Upward Basketball and cheerleading is now open!  Spots are limited-register early!

Please note:  If your child has any issues playing on-level sports, you must make an appointment with the Upward Sports Director (Barbara Ledbetter) to sign up for any of our three sport programs.

Should you have questions, email: or call 770-887-2900 ext. 236.