Bible Studies & Classes


Cumming First United Methodist Church has a wide variety of different Bible Studies and classes that we offer. Check below to see if anything piques your interest.

Virtual Journey to Israel, the Holy lands, Egypt, Greece, Italy, and Turkey

Pastor and Bible teacher, Ray Vander Laan, takes small groups of Christians to the Holy Lands of Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Greece, and Italy to film lessons at the locations where Scripture happened.

Beginning Tuesday, June 1, David and Billie Bowen invite you to join them for a twenty-minute video and a faith lesson based on the Biblical event at one of those locations. 

For more information or to sign up contact:

Billie Bowen – or David Bowen – 678-230-3519

Young Adult Bible Study

Each week we will discuss different aspects of the bible, have a discussion on how to navigate the world we live in, and of course encourage each one to keep growing in their relationship with the Lord. A place to worship freely and discuss real problems about what is going on in their lives with peers who can perhaps shed some light on things. With that being said I pray that you will consider joining us weekly to be part of this active community. We meet every Monday from 8-9 pm on a Zoom Call provided below.

Ages: 18-25

Questions: Ben Mayfield at (770)887-2900 x219

Women’s Bible Study

It’s hard to know a God we don’t understand, and it’s hard to love a God we don’t know.

But our God wants to be known and loved, and He’s told us a lot about Himself in the pages of His Word.

Join Tara-Leigh Cobble starting on Wednesday, January 13th from 9:45-12:00 AM in this 7 session study as she breaks down the intimidating doctrine of the Trinity. You’ll discover a beautiful, foundational view of our Triune God that will transform how you relate to Him. Understanding God’s three-in-oneness and each of the Persons of God individually-Father, Son, and Spirit- will lead you to deeper intimacy with God and greater joy in knowing Him!

To sign up or for more information contact Trena Lazzara at or (404) 580-8118.

Why Evil Exists

Meets each Tuesday from 9:30 to 11:00 am led by Rev. Dr. Bob Willner in room 13 in the Sanctuary building.

So why does evil exist in the world? Join a deeply insightful teacher in facing this fascinating, primordial question – a chance to bring your own most discerning thought to a crucial challenge for our world.

Whether we view it in theological, philosophical, or psychological terms, evil remains both a deeply intriguing question and a crucially relevant global issue. Now, Professor Mathewes offers you a richly provocative and revealing encounter with the question of human evil – a dynamic inquiry into Western civilization’s greatest thinking and insight on this critical subject.

With the inspired guidance of these 36 lectures, you’ll engage with how both individual thinkers and larger trends of thought have faced evil, studying the work of major theologians, philosophers, poets, political theorists, novelists, psychologists, and journalists.

For more information and to register contact Bob Willner –