Joining & Baptisim

At Cumming United Methodist Church, we are committed to being on a journey together with everyone who wants to move forward in their relationship with God.  For many, that journey may include becoming a member of our church.  The membership invitation is open to all who believe in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, and who willingly promise to serve our church with their prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.

Joining the Church

Profession of Faith

The initial entrance into membership in the church is when you profess faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and have been baptized or will be baptized.

Reaffirmation of Faith

This route to membership is for individuals who are baptized Christians and renewing their initial profession of faith after a period of inactivity, or not being on a church membership roll.

Transfer of Membership

If you are coming from another United Methodist Church or another denomination, you can transfer your membership.  Baptisms from all Christian churches are recognized. We will request the transfer from your previous church.

Will somebody get in touch with me?

Yes. We try very hard to track visitors and keep up with people who have started coming to CFUMC. We don’t want to be pushy, but we want to know who you are and help in any way we can to help you find your way. After you have visited a few times, someone will ask you about becoming a member.

I am ready to join!

If you are ready to join please contact Kristy, or one of the ministers and we will be happy to start the process. You are also welcome to join at the end of any worship service by filling out a “Wish To Join Today” pew card and bringing it forward to our Minister during the last hymn.  For more information, email Kristy Thompson  or call her at 770-887-2900, x 209.

Baptism is a sacrament.  The word sacrament comes from a Latin word for vow or promise. While there are many ways of opening to the love and grace of God, United Methodists recognize two rituals as sacraments:  baptism and Holy Communion.  Baptism is our welcome to the family of Christ.  In the United Methodist Church, baptism is a communal celebration; the congregation vows to nurture and support those being baptized-adults or infants.

For more information about baptism in the United Methodist Church, please visit the Methodist website at:

To sign up to have your child baptized or yourself as an adult, please contact, Pat Parr (770)887-2900, x224 or

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