CFUMC Acolyte Ministry

ac·o·lyte /ˈakəˌlīt/ : a follower or helper, assisting the pastor in worship.

Acolytes are helpers in worship; a way for church and congregation members to be involved in leading worship. An integral part of traditional worship services, acolytes are responsible for bringing the light to the alter to open worship and taking the light into the world at the conclusion of worship. Acolytes also receive offerings and serve at the alter for the sacraments of Holy Communion and baptism. As leaders in worship, acolytes model reverence and engagement for the congregation. Acolytes wear robes or albs and are seated in the chancel during worship.


Church and congregation members 3rd grade to adult are invited to serve as acolytes during our 11 o’clock worship service. Interest in helping to lead worship and commitments of time and heart are the only requirements for volunteering as acolytes. Training will be provided. For questions, please contact Monica Lewis.

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