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CFUMC Upward Basketball & Cheerleading Registration has now closed.  We are on a “wait list.”- Please contact Barbara Ledbetter @ upward@cfumcga.com or 770-887-2900 ext. 236 to be put on the list.   

Upward is a sport’s ministry which began in 1995 by Caz McCaslin to promote Jesus Christ through sports.  We believe that every child is a winner and should have the opportunity to play and grow in each sport.  Cumming First United Methodist Church started our Upward Basketball with Cheerleading Program in the Winter of 2003.  Since then,  we’ve added both soccer and flag football with cheerleading.  We believe that skills and values for success for life can be taught on the court or field including: sportsmanship, teamwork, integrity, and respect for authority.  We put Christ at the center of our practices and games by having a devotion at each gathering.  We invite parents to get involved with their kids in our programs.  We always need coaches, team moms, and referees.  We will pair coaches together so you are not alone and have a support system in place.  Please feel free to contact Barbara Ledbetter, CFUMC’s Upward Director at upward@cfumcga.com or by phone at 770-887-2900 ext. 236.


CFUMC Upward Basketball & Cheerleading is now on a wait list.

Contact Barbara Ledbetter for more information!

More about our programs

Football with Cheerleading

CFUMC Upward Flag Football/Cheerleading is a terrific sport to get your kids back into the swing of things right before school starts back in the fall.  Registration begins in May and will end mid-July.  Practices will begin at the end of July, and the league will end in mid-October.

There will be eight games scheduled and all games and practices are held at the CFUMC fields behind the student center.

Ages for this sport: K-7th Grade

All players will need cleats, and cheerleaders need comfortable athletic shoes.

Basketball with Cheerleading

Registrations begin at the first of September and end in mid-October. Practices will begin at the beginning of November and the season will conclude around the first of February with a huge Celebration Sunday experience.

Ages for this sport:  4 (by Sept  1 of the current year)  through 8th grade.

Your child will need a comfortable pair of athletic shoes for both basketball and cheerleading.

There will be eight scheduled games and all games and practices are held at the CFUMC gym.  


CFUMC Upward Soccer is a terrific way to get your younger children involved with sports.  Our ages are 3 years old (by Feb 1, of the current year) through 6th grade (co-ed). Registration for soccer begins at the beginning of January and the deadline for registration is mid-February.  We begin practicing at the end of February, and the season will end mid-May.

All games and practices are held on the CFUMC fields.

Your child will need shin guards and cleats for this sport.


CFUMC Upward Basketball & Cheerleading is now on a wait list.

Should you have questions, email: upward@cfumcga.com or call 770-887-2900 ext. 236.