Sharing With From CFUMC on April 1st

Being in Community With You on April 1st

Posted by Cumming First United Methodist Church on Wednesday, April 1, 2020

This week started with more startling information concerning what the “virus” models are telling us we can expect over the next 2-4 weeks. Our congregation learned this week that we would continue to meet as a congregation online up through April 29th. As we wait for his arrival to Jerusalem for this coming Palm Sunday, April 5th, let us be the crowd that goes out before him announcing to this troubled world that Jesus Christ has come, and he continues to bring great joy into it even today.

As I listened to the news today, I heard a myriad of health officials and various state and federal political leaders pleading for us to follow the CDC guidelines concerning social distancing and hygiene practices. Two Bible passages came to mind as I was listening to them.

The first one comes from the book of Leviticus. Yes, I know everyone loves to read and cite from this book. The passage I shall read today is Leviticus 14:35-47.

When the Israelites were faced with the terrible disease of leprosy, this is how they were instructed:

In my family, my wife is a health professional who works in the hospital. Each day, when she comes home from the hospital, she takes a shower with unique soaps, and her work clothes are placed in a special hamper to be laundered. After she has put on a fresh set of clothes, the dogs and I can greet her. In the morning, she repeats the procedure so that she is ready to receive patients at the hospital. We are adopting stringent discipline for her safety, for the family’s safety, and her patients’ safety.

They might sound obsessive to someone who looks back on her actions 20 to 30 years from now. But this is what is called for in these times.

She puts on a clean set of clothes this is all done before I get my first.