Festival of Arts

The 2020 Festival of Arts is postponed to the coronavirus/Covid-19 outbreak and ongoing response measures.

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Why would a church host an arts festival?  Historically, the church

has always been at the forefront of promoting the arts and creating the arts

as a glimpse into what it will be like to enter the kingdom of heaven.

The great cathedrals of Europe are essentially giant museums of art –

sculpture, painting, music, architecture, glass work – all creating the feeling

that something even better awaits.  The arts and celebrating the arts offer a door

into the church for creative people who are longing for ways to express their

creativity and use their gifts to the glory of God.

The Cumming FUMC Festival of Arts was established in 2008 with the intent of

showcasing professional and student visual artists in gallery settings and

performing artists in concert settings. The two-week long Festival of Arts has

quickly become recognized as one of the leading fine arts festivals in North Georgia

and regularly features the disciplines of visual art, music, dance, film, drama and

literature. Visit the Festival of Arts website – www.artsfestivalcfumc.com for complete

information about the Festival and all it’s components.

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