HS Mission Trip 2019 Bookmark

June 28th Friday

As the week ends and we prepare to head home, a wave of humbleness falls over us. We are exceedingly grateful for what we have, but mostly for the opportunity to serve. We have met some great people, grown as a community, and have a better understanding of what it means to be servants.

June 27th Thursday

Yesterday was the second to last day of work. We’re tired. We’re wiped. We hurt. But in our weakness, Jesus is our strength. We are mentally prepared to finished the job. We prayed this morning for renewed strength and energy to finish strong. We ask that you join us in that prayer. We want to “finish the race.”

June 26th Wednesday

Today was our second day on our sites and many of us are wrapping up and hopefully moving to new sites. We learned so much more about the families and homeowners at our sites. We then headed back to the church after our day of work, ate dinner and ended the day with another night of worship, devotionals and a few slushees at Sonic!

June 25th Tuesday

Today was our first day doing our mission work. We woke up, had a delicious breakfast and then headed to our worksites. We painted, built decks and met many new people. We headed back to the church and had another night full of worship and devotions. Tomorrow we’ll be back at our worksites and continue our work and getting closer to new friends and God.

June 24th Monday

Today we spent the first half of the day at the Arc Encounter and then we traveled to our home for the next 5 days in Radcliff, Kentucky. We settled in to our rooms and then spent some time in the sanctuary worshiping and hearing a sermon. We then found out our worksites and met new people that we are excited to get to know. Work starts tomorrow!!!!!!

June 23rd Sunday

Today we did a couple more sightseeing things. We shopped at downtown Nashville and Opry Mills Mall. We then traveled to Lexington, Kentucky and settled into our new church for the night. The church staff was very helpful and made us a very delicious dinner. We also met a church from Oklahoma. We ended the night again with worships songs and a message. We are heading up to our church in Radcliff where will be for the next 5 days doing our mission work.

June 22nd Saturday evening

Today was travel day, we arrived in Nashville, TN to do a few tourist things. We went to get dinner at Party Fowl and had ice cream at Jeni’s. We spent some time at the church playing games and doing worship. Ben gave a wonderful message and we are excited for more adventures tomorrow in Nashville.

June 22nd Saturday morning

Please be in prayer for our High School Mission Team as they travel to Radcliffe, KY and serve as the hands and feet of Christ. Look for daily updates during the week.

May 31st to June 10

May 31st Friday

Please be in prayer for our Mission Team as they prepare to travel and serve for the next 10 days in Ecuador.
Rev. Allison Collins sent us off this morning, with communion and a blessing.

April 4th Thursday evening

We are home safe and sound! We are tired but our hearts are so full! Thank you to those that supported and prayed for us!!! We are grateful for this experience.

April 4th Thursday morning

We are so sad to leave this place! We have made so many friends and learned so much! It has been a blessing to see the work Pastor Gonzalo and Pan de Vida Church is doing here! God is good… all the time!! Please pray for safe travels for our journey home!

April 3rd Wednesday

We had an incredible day with the kids!!! Games, crafts and making friends!!! Cracker got to meet the children and teach them how much God loves them!!! We have made amazing friends that we will never forget!!!

April 2nd Tuesday

Wow! We completed our painting project, made mucho lunches and shared a wonderful meal at Pan de Vida with our brothers and sisters in Christ. We visited the community of Ranchito sharing lunch, worship and the Gospel! We finished by visiting 2 hospitals, praying with people living outside the hospital waiting for their loved ones to get better. Pastor Gonzalo is truly the hands and feet of Christ in this community.

April 1st Monday

We began our day Monday, April 1st, at Pan de Vida Church cleaning and painting the new space that will be used as a youth room. We prepared lunch and took it to children in the town of Marin. We played games, did crafts together and made lots of new friends. Jesus is always present!!!

March 31st Sunday after church

¡Estamos aquí! Sightseeing and ate amazing tacos! This land is beautiful!!

March 31st Sunday

We began the day with Worship and Communion at Pan de Vida Church. The congregation prepared a special lunch for us and Pastor Gonzalo shared his amazing story of how God has called him to his place! Restoring communities, transforming lives, for the glory of God!

March 30th Saturday

And… we are off to Mexico. Please pray for safe travels for our team!

March 29th Friday

I’m, Cherie Perkins, so excited on my first Mission Trip to Mexico with and our Mission Team of adults and youth. We’ll be flying at 11:00 am tomorrow, March 30th until April 4th. We’ll keep you posted every SINGLE day with pictures and videos posting on our church Facebook page.

Our church will be sending a missionary team of youth and adults to work with the congregation of Pan de Vida in Monterrey, Mexico. Our team will participate in various work projects, a food program ministry and a VBS with local school children. Please be in prayer for this team while they are in Mexico.