Consignor Information


Registration for our Spring 2019 sale will begin November 26 at 6:00 pm

Spring/Summer Sale starts Thursday, February 28, 2019

To become a consignor, register at My Consignment Manager.  

 Any seller who completes registration by January 1, 2019, will have their packet mailed by February 1 , 2019.

The cost to consign is $10.00 payable by PayPal.  You must pay via PayPal upon registering for the sale.  Please note that you do NOT need to have a Paypal account, you may pay as a guest on Paypal with a check or credit card.  We do not accept checks in the mail.  Our consignor numbers go very quickly, so please be sure you pay during registration or your number will be released to another consignor.  Any seller who completes registration by January 1, 2019, will have their packet mailed by February 1, 2019. All other packets will be mailed within 5 business days of registration.

My Consignment Manager will auto generate a seller number for you.  We do not allow you to select your own seller number. 

SALE LOCKS @ 2:00 pm SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2019.

We lock our sale on Sunday to help manage the inventory for the sale and to get the floor plan ready for setup and receiving.   No items can be entered after the sale is locked.   You can still print your tags once the sale is locked.  Please note that if you transfer items from another sale, your item description may be too long for our description field.  Please generate tags as soon as you transfer items BEFORE the sale is LOCKED.  Tags must be printed on the color paper WE provide in your packet.  

A quality sale for our consignors and customers is extremely important to us.  Thank you for cooperating with us.

The maximum number of items per consignor is 200.

Sale Limits:

  • Children’s shoes – limit 10 pair per seller

  • Newborn to 9 month clothes – limit 50 items per seller

  • Books – Limit 20 tags per seller

Consignors who consign 15 items or more SHOP Wednesday at 6:00 PM.

Discount + Donate:

Saturday is half off day!  If you want the item reduced by 50%, check “YES” box in the Discount field when entering your items in MyCM.

If you would like to donate your unsold items to charity at the end of the sale, check “YES” box in the Donate field when entering your items in MyCM.  The letter “D” will be printed at the bottom of your tag.


Consignors receive 70% and a tax donation letter for the 30% donated to CFUMC.  Donations will be distributed to global and local women’s ministries.  If the total proceeds for a consignor is $5 or less, the amount will be donated to the ministries as well.  Consignors can expect to receive their checks and donation letter within four to six weeks of the sale.

Pick up: 

Saturday between 6:00-6:30 pm: Consignors pick up unsold items (all unsold items/not donated items not picked up by 6:30 pm will be removed from the church and $15 will be deducted from seller.  We do not have room to store items that are not picked up.)

Items to Consign

We accept the following items

Seasonal clothing in gently worn condition (Spring/Summer clothing for Spring/Summer sale and Fall/Winter clothing for the Fall/Winter sale)  

Toys in clean/working condition with all pieces/parts

Children’s clean shoes (limit 10 pair per seller)

Baby goods including car seats, strollers, swings, bath tubs, clean potties, bouncy seats, high chairs, bedding, nursery decorations, baby carriers, monitors, pack n’ plays, children’s furniture, clean play equipment

Children’s DVDs (PG/G ONLY), books, video games, computer games, board games, puzzles and other educational equipment.

We comply with the new standards set forth by the Consumer Products and Safety Commission and therefore cannot accept the following items at our sale.  In addition, each seller is responsible for checking the items they will be selling to make sure they are not recalled by going to  You will be asked to sign a waiver at drop-off.  Thank you for understanding and helping us uphold these safety standards!



Preparing Your Items

IMPORTANT: If you are moving your items from another sale (even if it was our last sale) you must re-tag your items. To log in to our sale on MyCM you must use the following web address.  You will not find our sale at the public My Consignment Manager web address.

To Access My Consignment Manger, visit

If you are asked for a “print code” when printing your tags, you accessed MyCM incorrectly. Log in using the link above and you will not need a print code. 

CLEAN your items

SORT by sex and size (this makes it easier to create your tags in MyCM).

Price your items ($.50 increments) and use MyCM to create tags.   Price your items for a quick sale.  See our pricing guide on the Quick Tips sheet in your packet.

HANG your clothing on hangers with the coat hanger hook facing left. (looks like ?)

PIN/ATTACH our tags on your items (top right for clothing).  Use only (1) safety pin per tag.  

Price items for a quick sell & consider letting your items go half price on Saturday.

Please choose smallest size when selecting (if you have a 6-12 month outfit, mark it as a 6 month). My consignment has the size choices that match our racks.

Use zip lock bags and painters tape or clear shipping tape to secure toys, games and multiple items.

Use only the paper we provide in the packet – we use the colors to sort on Saturday!  Do NOT use white paper.

Place small items such as socks, undergarments, hats, belts, and PJs in zip lock bags.

Use zip ties to attach shoes rather than placing them in a plastic bag.  This allows shoppers to see the shoes more easily and helps us to keep shoes together in pairs.

Please remember these simple tagging tips:

Use safety pins to secure tags to the top right corner of clothing – use only (1) pin per tag.

  • DO NOT tape over the bar code
  • DO NOT tap over safety pins
  • DO NOT use staples
  • DO NOT use duct tape
  • DO NOT use straight pins – safety pins only
  • DO NOT use plastic gun tagger

The CFUMC Consignment Sale reserves the right to reject any items at any time.  If items are rejected for sale purposes, they will be returned to the consignor on Saturday or donated to charity.

Consignor Drop Off

ALL consignors MUST make an appointment to drop off their items.  Appointment times are available in MyCM.  Please select “check in schedule” from your main page.  Please sign up early to get your desired time. 

Receiving in Family Life Center:

Monday 8:45 am – 1:15 pm & 4:15 – 7:45 pm

Tuesday 8:45 am – 1:15 pm & 4:15 – 6:15 pm

When you arrive at the church to drop off your items, please come inside to check in and sign the paperwork BEFORE you bring in your items.

THANK YOU for your cooperation and understanding!

Consignor FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. I would like to consign at the upcoming sale. How do I register to do that?  To find out about our next consignor activation date/time, check our ‘Consign’ section. On the designated date/time go to MyCM and create a login.  Follow the instructions on the website to grab one of our  consignor numbers.

  2. Once I have a seller number, what do I do?  You will use MyCM to inventory all items and print tags. We will mail you a seller packet that contains colored paper on which to print your tags.  Please use only this paper. The packet will also have instructions, a pricing guide, seller tips, and sale requirements. Please read everything in your packet- it will help you!

  3. When can I drop off my items?  Drop-off times may be reserved online at MyCM .  If you are limited in when you are available to drop-off, please sign in early and reserve your desired time!  We do not have the capability to accept drop-offs without a reservation.

  4. Do I need to stay while my items are being inspected for stains, wear, odor, etc?  If you have chosen to donate ALL items in the case that they don’t sell, we will not need you to stick around while we inspect your items- you can just ‘dump and go’! However, if you haven’t marked any of your items ‘donate’, you will need to stay while we inspect your items. The express service is only offered to those who mark all items ‘donate’.

  5. Do you ever reject items?  Yes, we will inspect all items for stains, wear, odor, and season. We can only accept fall clothing at our Fall/Winter sale and spring clothing at our Spring/Summer sale due to space issues.

  6. When can I pick-up my items that did not sell?  Pick-up is set from 6-6:30 pm on Saturday. If you indicate that you will be picking up your items on Saturday and you fail to show up by 7:00 pm, you will be charged a $15 fee that will be taken out of your seller profits.

  7. Do consignors get to shop the sale early?  Yes!  Consignors who consign at least 15 items may shop from 6pm-8pm on Wednesday before the sale opens to the public Thursday morning.

  8. Are personal strollers allowed on the sale floor?  Personal strollers are not allowed on Wednesday.  Umbrella strollers ONLY will be allowed Thursday morning before noon due to space limitations. We do allow personal strollers starting Thursday noon, Friday and Saturday.

  9. Are there any items that are limited in quantity?  Yes, we accept no more than 10 pairs of shoes per seller number. We also accept no more than 50 infant sized clothing items per seller number- sizes newborn through 9 months.

  10. I need to change my drop off time, what should I do? Go online at MyCM and find another drop-off time that is available.  We do not have the capability to accept drop-offs without a reservation.

  11. I need to bring my items in two trips, is that okay?  Yes, please plan to bring them beginning at your drop-off time and let the volunteer checking you in know you will be returning shortly with the rest of your items.

  12. When can I expect to receive my check after the sale? You should receive your check and tax donation letter four to six weeks after the sale.

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