Carolyn Pittman’s Story


Carolyn’s Story

“We felt immediately at home when we visited CFUMC, and were drawn by the warmth of the ministers and members alike.” – Carolyn Pittman 

“So many things make Cumming First United Methodist Church very special to me. CFUMC is, by far, the most warm and friendly church I’ve ever been blessed to be a part of.  It offers so many opportunities for worship, service, and bible study. I thank God every day for directing my path to Cumming, Georgia and to have the chance to be a part of this “outpost ” of His mighty church,” Carolyn said.

Carolyn Pittman and her late husband Pitt joined CFUMC in 1996 after feeling at home while visiting the church. Their grandchildren were enrolled in the CFUMC Preschool at the time. They commuted from their previous home to attend the children’s preschool programs. They knew that the church was making a wonderful impact on their grandchildren’s young lives and they wanted to be a part of that too.

“We didn’t even visit other Methodist churches in Forsyth County. We felt immediately at home when we visited CFUMC, and were drawn by the warmth of the ministers and members alike.  The wonderful choir and music programs, under the direction of Olive Kellum, were another blessing we felt when we attended the church.  The excellent music ministry of this church under the direction of John Hutchinson has continued to be such a blessing.”

Carolyn has been a Methodist all her life. She was a member of two other Methodist congregations before moving to Cumming. Her previous churches were not as large as CFUMC, and the benefit a larger church has given her are the numerous opportunities to study and serve. Carolyn is a dedicated member of the Intercessory Prayer Ministry which meets every Monday. “I became an Intercessor with the Prayer Ministry, and when invited to, become a Note Writer; I was very glad to do that.  I knew I could give love and support to those on the prayer list, even if it meant writing notes from my husband’s hospital room.  I was blessed to be able to participate with this powerful ministry even more as time went by, and eventually becoming a part of the ministry’s work with the weekly preparation of the prayer list. Serving as an Intercessor has blessed my life in so many ways,” Carolyn said.

After battling with a lengthy illness, Carolyn’s husband, Pitt, passed away in January 2006. Carolyn remarks, “We were on the road to Emory Hospital weekly for most of those years beginning in 1994 when we moved to Cumming following Pitt’s second heart surgery.  God’s work through our marvelous Emory medical team could “fine tune” his issues and allow us to have him with us for 12 years!  We are so thankful for those years. During my husband’s lengthy illness and declining health, the CFUMC staff, Intercessory Prayer Ministry, and Sorta Fifties Sunday School Class could not have been more supportive.  I felt so much kindness, love, and prayer directed toward our family. I knew I just had to pay all that forward and I was very thankful when the opportunity to help came my way.”

Each Sunday, Carolyn attends the 8:45 am traditional service. In addition to being a part of the Intercessory Prayer Ministry, she is also a member of the Bazaar Ministry, Happy Knotters, and a part of the Caring Committee of the Sorta Fifties Sunday School Class.  

Written & Edited by Carrie Ann & Scott Sienkiewicz