The Beaumont Family Story

The Beaumont Family Story

“Being a part of CFUMC has been a gift to our family.” -Lindsay Beaumont

In Lindsay’s own words…

“Bruce and I met in fall of 1999 when we were 16 years old working at Galyan’s sporting goods at the Mall of GA. College created a long-distance relationship for us. I studied Theatre Arts and Dramatic Literature at Florida Southern College, a Methodist affiliated liberal arts college in central Florida, and Bruce studied Finance and Accounting at Georgia State University in Atlanta. Soon after graduation we were married in 2007, and we just celebrated 10 years of marriage this past June, with our two kind hearted boys Elijah (5) and Oliver (2.5).

We became members of CFUMC February 2016 just before moving from Dacula, GA to Duck Town in Cumming.

While we were building our house, we knew we needed to find a preschool for our almost 4-year-old at the time Eli. We had heard great things about the CFUMC Preschool, so we toured the preschool and decided to send Eli there in the fall, and soon after we decided the CFUMC Children’s ministry was also a great fit for both our boys.

Deciding to join CFUMC was very easy for us. We immediately loved the rustic charm of the church, wood beamed ceilings and painted white brick, and the people we kept meeting in the church were just as charming. Jodi Railey was so incredibly kind to our boys who were having a tough time adjusting to their new surroundings at CFUMC. She, along with the nursery staff gave us peace of mind while we left our boys in their care to worship at the 9:51 service.

While it was tough leaving our boys while they were visibly upset, every time we came back to get them, they were happy campers. Eventually, the crying stopped and now Oliver loves his church nursery and Eli loves seeing all his friends in his Sunday school class, especially his best buddy, Jack.

If anyone is looking to bring their young family to CFUMC and their children are having separation anxiety, I can tell them first hand it will end quickly and their kids will love CFUMC just like my boys do now.

We have never attended any of the other services other than the 9:51 service. Sorry Dr. Ross. The 9:51 service fits Bruce and I just right. Stephen’s wit keeps us entertained while enlightening us. I could stand all day long singing and dancing to Jake and his worship band’s song selections. The tables support our gigantic cups of coffee. 9:51 is just right for us.

Bruce and I both teach the 9:51 pre-k Sunday school class on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month. While the pre-k kids can be a little rambunctious at times, it has been a true joy watching each one as they start their own relationship with Christ. Their honesty is humbling, and often pretty hilarious.

Reverend Allison Griner talked me into performing for one of the Bible Discovery rooms at VBS this past June. First off, I have never experienced a VBS that massive; 400+ kids!!! Secondly, it was a lot of work to make each section of that camp immersive and engaging for each child…thankfully, I had just one room. Most importantly, participating in VBS was energizing and up-lifting. A big thanks to Children’s ministry for letting me be a part of it and for making it so amazing for the children.

In just a little over a year of attending CFUMC, I have been blessed to have made a dear friend in Carrie Ann Sienkiewicz. It’s a great feeling having a friend who is a mom and can talk openly about your struggles and triumphs as a woman in Christ. She invited me to join the Mom Core group at CFUMC, and there I met so many other amazing moms like us, not perfect, who love deeply our family and God. I encourage any mom at the church to join the mom core group and connect with women who are going to uplift you in so many ways.

Being a part of CFUMC has been a gift to our family. We were without a church home for a long time and there is a great peace of mind now for us that we have found one and feel like we are right at home.”