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Coffee and

Questions about the right Sunday School Class for you?  Call or email Laurie Hintz at (770)887-2900, x213.


7:30 am -10:30 am

Come join us for Coffee And… We are now in 2 locations: the balcony-mezzanine level in the Sanctuary Building and the Vestibule entry into the Family Life Center. Both of these locations will be open from 7:30 am-10:30 am each Sunday. We hope that you will stop by and grab a cup of coffee and a snack!

Bob Bowling Class



Bob Bowling Class
Room #19 (below sanctuary)
Older Adult 70’s +, men and women, couples and singles.  This group uses the International Sunday School Series.  Class members welcome new members with exceptional Christian love and friendliness.


Christian Outlaws
Room #11 (below sanctuary)
All ages, men and women, couples and singles.  Class discussions look at Christianity and scripture in different, very open ways.

Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends
Room #16 (below sanctuary)

Mainly empty-nesters, men and women, couples and singles.  Various teachers and study guides are used.  This is a welcoming group that is a true circle of friends.


Confirmation Parents
9:45 AM Room #109 (Office Building)

Parents of Confirmands, men and women, couples and singles. This class provides an opportunity for parents to study together while the students are in the confirmation class.

Faithful Fellowship

Faithful Fellowship
Room #15 (below sanctuary)

A curriculum of Bible-based topics and a variety of current events.  This is a vibrant, diverse group whose fellowship extends beyond the classroom.


Room #1 – Modular Building
Mainly empty-nesters, men and women, couples and singles
Uses the International Sunday School Series.  This group of long-time friends follows a format of open discussion.  Does not meet during the summer.


Gentle Souls at 11:00 am
Room #11 (Sanctuary Building)
Special needs adults ages 16 and up, men and women.
This ministry of belonging and acceptance offers Sunday school class for special needs adults.  Care-partners are given pagers while they attend worship. For more info, please contact Rev. Kathie Stasko at (770)887-2900 x 212, or


Life So Far
Room #14 (below sanctuary)

Mid 20’s – mid 30’s, men and women, couples and singles.

Young professional and married couples with families.
This class focuses on current events and biblical topics of life application. We are about study, service and fellowship. Join us!!


Room #11 (below sanctuary)

Various ages, men and women, couples and singles.
Founded more than 30 years ago, this class admires their teacher, Dr. Bob Dunn.  Everyone participates in discussion, sharing insights and opinions.



Parent Trap

Room #4 (Modular Building)

Various ages, men and women, singles and couples. Parents of youth and college aged kids.


Quest-A Small Group

Church Library (Office Building)

All ages, men and women, couples and singles. Discussion based class using the book “Meditations on the Master”, this class is led by the author of the book, John Sumlin. The book is free.

Sonrisers SS Class


Room #20 – Sanctuary Building
30’s – 40’s, parents, couples and singles
Class activities are generally family oriented, geared toward those with children.  Members are outgoing and busy, but look after each other.



 Sorty Fifty

Room #17 (below sanctuary)

A group of very caring, friendly, active and fun-loving Christians.  They use the International Sunday School Series and teachers rotate.  They enjoy several fun socials a year and actively support church programs.



Soul Sisters

Room #18  (below sanctuary)

Women of all ages, any status
This class is for the woman who would be attending class on her own.  Bible study with minimal preparation to strengthen the spiritual walk; develop friends.



Spiritual Partners
Room #3 – Modular Building
All ages, with or without children, any status
This is a smaller group.  It is discussion based and uses the International Sunday School Series.  The focus is on a sincere concern for fellow classmates through prayer and discussion.  We are truly Spiritual Partners!


Room #13 – Sanctuary Building
Mid 50’s – 60’s, men and women, couples and singles
The format is a little teaching and a lot of discussion.  Currently using the Adult Bible Studies Series.

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