Military Care Packages for One Great Day of Service

Military Care Package Needs for One Great Day of Service
We will be working off site at GA 400 Storage. We will need no more than 12 people. 6 of the people can be children age 8+ with an adult. We will be making toiletry packs and packing care packages. We are in need of several items. They are listed below. If you would like to donate items, please drop them off in the military care packages box in the hallway near the big kitchen. 

We need:

  • 50 Bottle of full size shampoo
  • 25 bottles of sunscreen
  • 50 large toothpaste tubes
  • 50 wash clothes
  • 50 hand towels
  • 50 deodorants
  • 50 bags of beef jerky
  • 50 boxes of girl scout cookies
  • 50 cans of Pringles/Lays chips
  • 50 boxes of snack crackers
  • 100 pouches of tuna
  • 100 packs of trail mix
  • 50 cans of mixed nuts

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