Garage Sale Supporting Family Promise



Please save-the-date for the Garage Sale supporting Family Promise Friday, August 17 and Saturday, 18, 2018.  

Click here to learn more and to sign up to help with the sale!

Click here MEGA Garage Sale 2018 to view the Garage Sale Flyer!

Supporting Homeless Families in Forsyth County

Members of Family Promise of Forsyth County, Inc, and those members of our congregation who have become volunteer participants in the program are reaching out to those who are actively involved in other ministries of our Church or who have yet to identify a ministry to actively engage in to support the Cumming First United Methodist Church 2nd Annual Garage Sale to raise funds for Family Promise of Forsyth County.

Carol Terry and a group of volunteers have been working to host the garage sale as a fund-raising event on Friday August 17th and Saturday August 18th and we need your help to make this event all that it can be.  We would like to share FOUR ways YOU can help:

ONE – Donate an item

We would appreciate items that we could sell.  If you have (Please No Clothing or Electronics) items you would like to donate, volunteers will be accepting donations at the church on:

Sunday August 12th  (Noon to 7 PM)

Monday August 13th  (9AM to 7PM)

Tuesday August 14th (9AM to 7PM)

Large Item Pick Ups starting Saturday July 28th.  We are really looking for help here with the large items pickups.  We need strong backs and arms that can load and unload these pickup items.  We have the trucks, just need willing muscles, lots of them.  So, if you have items to donate or if you can help:  Please contact Doug McDougal –

TWO – Volunteer

If you have some time between Sunday August 12th and Saturday August 18th Nancy Graves may just be able to put you to work.  Please look at your calendar and give Nancy Graves  a call/text at (805) 501-7894 or click the SignUp Genius link here.

Three – Purchase an Item

We invite you, your family, friends and neighbors to stop by the Church August 17th and 18th during the garage sale and do a little treasure hunting.  Items that others may have moved on from may be just what you need, and we are going to have some great bargains.

Four – Contribute

The purpose of this event is to raise much needed funding for Family Promise of Forsyth, even if you have items to donate or able to find a treasure to purchase, we would request that you consider a financial donation.  For details on insuring your donation is allocated to Family Promise, please call any four of the names listed below.

Please share the information with others, make copies of the flyer to post at businesses you frequent or give to your friends and neighbors.

Three members of our Church serve on the board of this nonprofit.  Many of our congregation are actively involved as volunteers when the families stay at our Church 4 weeks each year.   They also help at the Family Promise day center.  If you have questions concerning the mission of this ministry or have any interest in becoming engaged with us, please give any of those names below a call/text.

Jim Hensley,  770-826-7387

Jim Geist,  770-712-2305

Linda Childs 770-624-4429

Lin Holomon  770-315-2983